The word Akabe stands for difficult, steep gateway. Being one of the three such gateways on the world, Akabe Trail is belived to be made by Assyrians. Starting from Botan River, the trail climbs to Siirt city through a steep cliff. The original stone paving of the road is still intact in many parts of the trail. The highest point of the trail is at 910 meters altitude whereas the lowest is 620 meters. The 6.2 km long trail is categorized as "Medium" level. No water source is found on the road.

The mobile phone coverage of Turkcell, Vodaphone and Avea are average along the road whereas they go weak at the bottom of the valley.

Please click here to see the route that goes from Siirt downtown to the beginning of Akabe Hiking Trail.

Details of the route

Starting on the road to Mir Yakup Monestry, the narrow but distinct trail reaches up to a gateway seeing the Botan Valley.

A spectacular view shows up after the trail passes the gateway and starts its descent.

Believed to be built by Assyrians, the original stone paving of the road is still intact especially at the bottom of the valley.


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