Starting from the highway that connects the Siirt city to the Botan Valley, the route climbs down to the valley on an ancient road. Though its age is not known, the original stone paving are still intact in most parts of the Antik (Antique) Road. The road is still used by the shepherds between their settlement at Gökçebağ and the Botan Valley. The route starts from 735 meters altitude and ends at 530 meters. It is difficulty level is "Medium", and no water source is found on the road.

The mobile phone coverage of Turkcell, Vodaphone and Avea are weak along the road.

Please click here to see the route that goes from Siirt downtown to the beginning of Antik Hiking Trail.

Details of the route

The road is still used by the residents of Gökçebağ especially to bring their livestock to the Botan River.

The original stone pavement is still intact on many parts of the road which is believed to be made hundreds of years ago.

The route ends up in a field next to the Botan River.


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