Located 25 minutes drive from Siirt downtown on a hill just west of the Doluharman (Fisken) village, the Fisken paragliding spot is 1050 meters above sea level. The spot is extremely suitable for beginner pilots to increase their flying hours.

Please click here to see the route that goes from Siirt downtown to the Fisken paragliding point. You can also download the maps from the below given links.

Details of the paragliding spot

Suitable for beginner and intermediate level paragliding pilots of at least P2 and P3 ratings. The site is also suitable for a tandem flights.

Western winds which are seen especially in afternoons are suitable for takeoff from the west facing Fisken spot. It is suitable for “soaring” flights due to the winds around the hill. The spot is used to accustom the new pilots of Beron Sports Club to soaring.

Take off: Take offs are made with western winds that occur around midday and afternoons.

Flight: Despite not being a high hill, the winds create suitable conditions for long soaring flights.

Landing: With an approach towards west, landings are made at the side of the asphalt road located 150 meters below the take off spot.

Beron Sports Club is using this spot to prepare its pilots for the competitions.

Photos of the paragliding spot

Fisken paragliding spot is located next to a hill at Doluharman (Fisken) village, 25 minutes drive from Siirt downtown.

The The paragliding spot is facing an open front area suitable for soaring with westerly winds.

The flight spot is facing the Siirt Airport however it is out of the airliners' landing pattern.

The rocky cliffs at the top of the hill and the westernly winds allows pilots to make long soaring flights.

The agricultural lands under the hill produce thermals during the day.

Landings are made on the agricultural lands located next to the asphalt road.


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