Located 20 km from Siirt downtown, Bostancik is at the western entrance of the Botan Valley. 580 meters above sea level, 2 take off points, one on the west and the other on the east, are used by the Beron Sports Club for their courses. While basic training flights are made on the westbound flight course, while the take off point overlooking the Botan River in the east is used for high altitude acclimation by the pilots with basic training.

Please click here to see the route that goes from Siirt downtown to the Kale paragliding point. You can also download the maps from the below given links.

Details of the paragliding spot

Suitable for beginner and intermediate level paragliding pilots of at least P2 and P3 ratings. The site is also suitable for a tandem flights.

Westerly and south component winds are formed during the day. Thermals are also formed over the fields under the east runway.

Take off: Take offs are made towards west from the west runway and towards south on the eastern runway to the Botan River. Late in the afternoon, the conditions for the flight are decreasing because of the change in the wind directions.

Flight: Bostancik does not address advanced pilots because it is mainly for beginners. The flight from the take off point on the shallow hill is not long. It is used to increase the number of flights of beginner pilots.

Landing: Landings are made with western approaches.

Beron Sports Club is using this point for training flights.

Photos of the flight spot

Beron Sports Club conducts its basic training at the west track of the Bostancik paragliding spot.

The western shallow slope of the hill is very suitable for newly trained pilots to increase their flight times without risk.

The fields under the western slope produce sufficient thermals after the warming of the air during daytime hours.

If desired, Beron Sports Club's experienced pilots can provide information for those who would like to fly in the Botan Valley.


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